Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Music Theme ideas.

Rumzi's post and Mike's observation is that we've been focusing on loads of visual material and not a lot of audio examples.  While I'm most likely the only one in charge of the audio department, feel free to add anymore music tracks in which you think will contribute to the atmosphere of the game!

Forbidden Siren 2 OST - Awakening
I really like the atmosphere to this one and the use of the vocal is very similar to the sound of chanting used in rituals, particularly that of Tibetan throat singing. I could be utterly wrong but that's what it feels like to me lol.

Hazzy - Meguri Ai
I can really imagine this to be Kemi's theme especially when Yu talks to her on the phone.

Jay Chou - Love in BC
Minus the rapping and the OTT R'n'B beatz, the guitar loop is very much for the 'home/safe' scenes. I can just imagine the player exploring Yu's house to something similar and getting the players to choose what Yu should cook for dinner.


  1. Nice variety of trakcs, these sort of things will work well in the game i reckon. I can imagine having something like hazzy playing in the bg when your talking to Kemi on the phone. And oh idea! Maybe when she does phone you after you've discovered that shes been missing the last few days a slightly altered creepier version of the song will play?

  2. Good point Mike! I was also thinking that once Kemi is found, her hair slowly turns white with each visit (I think this is a world wide superstition that hair can turn white at sudden fright).

  3. oh wow.. the forbidden siren 2 ost is scary cause if you're playing the game its hard to tell if thats an enemy or its just part of the bg music XD i like! they do that in SH sometimes too..

    im liking the meguri ai one, we definately will need at least a little upbeat music i think XD and this is ncie cause its kinda bittersweet..
    can i add a song here that i think as well? its from starfox adventures;

    ps sorry for not being here much, just finishing off some things so i have free time again first :)

  4. Forbidden Siren is an awesome OST there's a certain....flavour in it that makes it really stand out compared to the other horror soundtracks I have (same with SH). I haven't really thought about 'enemies' yet not sure how to incorporate it into the script yet. Saying that, I'll make another post soon in some movies to movies and music to look through and see what you guys think lol.

    Agree, need a contrast between creepy music and happy music XD The Starfox track is just a nice amount of creepy to keep you tense...nice out Michelle!

  5. haha well there doesnt have to be any enemies at all i guess :D but if we're talking uninteractive spirits then it could still be useful..
    cool, i look forward to it :D

    and yay! glad you liked ^^

  6. Thats actually something I'm not sure if we've considered. Can you die in this game? As in a lot of visual novel style games you can't actually die.

  7. I think it would be good idea to die in the game just to add that element of fear that you're being chased. Say like if Yu's being chased down this corridor by a ghost and the player lets Yu stand there for 10 minutes; that would create several problems.

    1. I'll need to make an audio loop that goes over 10 minutes ...
    2. ...which will beef up the data size...
    4. ...making the game slower to load...
    3. ...and would automatically make it less scary and honestly a bit dumb in terms of the story lol.

    To combat this, just put a timer like I did at the end of TKoN where if you don't jump out the window in time you'll get eaten by the Nightmare.


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