Friday, 8 July 2011


I was shocked and appalled that there was no mention yet of any creepypastas on this blog so I plan to remedy that right now!
(For those who don't know, Creepypastas are scary paranormal stories posted on the internet)

This site is the best for the shortest and quite scary pastas;

and others can be hunted down here;

but to save time I would like to recommend;




-MARBLE HORNETS (series of youtube videos about the creature 'slenderman')

-YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT (it's a long one but probably my favourite, based on the game zelda majoras mask with youtube videos alongside it..)


-LONELY PIKACHU (another game-based one.. its mostly just sad not too creepy but I enjoyed it a lot)



  1. Right.

    After 3 days I've finally read through all the links you've posted up XD

    - Awesome, awesome play with the imagery and sound design. I can really feel the whole isolation-ness of it. I think we can easily incorporate it into our game and make it eerie. It kinda reminds me of Persona 4 with the whole raining sequences and how the atmosphere suddenly changes. Definitely want some rain scenes lol.

    Mr. Widemouth:
    - The whole idea of having this 'imaginary' friend trying to push you to do things is really scary in itself. Not sure how I'd incorporate that into the game but it's certainly an idea I may use. I like how he just gets creepier and creepier with his suggestions but I thought it was slightly cliche. Loved the ending though.

    Candle cove:
    - Love this one especially when the twist just comes out of no where XD I think it'll be nice to incorporate some sort of forum for the main character which talks about all these weird things happening but not to make it obvious. Kind of like Rumzi's horror game idea which I can't remember all of it.

    Marble Hornets/Slender man:
    - I love the idea on how it plays on a realistic setting but it may be hard to emulate for our game. None the less, it'll be very cool if we manage to pull it off for our game!

    You Shouldn't Have Done That:
    -Omg so long but it was an enjoyable read. I think I got a bit confused as to who was narrator but again I like how it plays on the idea of being realistic!

    Lonely Pikachu:
    - LOL oh so that's what it was about XD In my mind I couldn't really take it too seriously because I had Bill Cosby's voice in my head for some reason. That plus I never really played Pokemon but it's still creepy none the less in the ending especially XD

    I think Psychosis was the most effective in what I've read. I shall probably make a new post of all the material that I've gathered so far in which I'm feeling.

    Thank you for the Creepy Pasta Spam Miche! :D

  2. oh wow jade... i cant believe you read all of them ;w;

    i think i will definately be narrowing things down in the future though cause some of this stuff was quite broad but i guess its nice to think about all areas before zooming in on one but still.. wow thank you for reading them all >w<

  3. No problem! I was having a little writers block so it didn't hurt to read through all of them XD

    Whelp, now that I've written the initial context/concept ideas I think we can now start zooming it. Plus it gave me a lot of stuff to chew over so it's all good. That's what this blog is for: a documentation of our creative process :3


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