Thursday, 28 July 2011

Update & Moar chara sketches

Posted on behalf of Michelle because Blogger is being a bit of a douche!

Also, some introductions for characters for the train scenes. Sorry if they've suddenly sprung up as I was working  on day2's script and their characters kinda just evolved from that in the process.

Bartender: Works in the 1st class food carriage at the bar. Friendly and approachable
Mother & sniffy kid: Mother is a bit spacey and the kid is a bit sniffy/has some illness in which he coughs every now and then.  Their backstory is that the rich husband is moving abroad and wants them to come hence they didn't have much choice to travel. Yu befriends them during day2's events in which you'll see how.
Frustrated Phone Guy: Business worker who's trying to salvage a company deal and trying to get back to his office as fast as he can.  Rude to Yu but softens after the incident
Old Man: At first glance he seems like a normal old guy drinking tea but it's slowly revealed that his son recently passed and that the tea was actually wine.  He goes crazy after a while and is very suspicious.

Day2 general plot:
- Yu isn't feeling good and gets a phone call from Kemi
- Kemi suggests to get fresh air and water in which Yu complies.  They also agree to meet up later that evening.
- Yu comments that the seating area of carriage 6 is practically empty apart from the above characters and wonders whether it's because it's not dinner time or something else.
- Yu then talks to the other characters
- Bartender: gets water
- Mother & Child (Mrs. Lee and Kenny): Kenny initiates the conversation by asking Yu to draw him an elephant. Following this conversation, Yu builds a good relationship with the mother and especially Kenny.  I've done it so that when Kenny asks you whether Yu can be his big brother too (after hearing about Kemi) players can choose Y/N XD
- Frustrated Phone Guy: Keeps telling Yu to buzz off as he's blocking the phone signal
- Old Man looks like he was meditating by holding his teacup but Yu finds that he was actually trying to calm his nerves. It turns out that the Old Man is incredibly superstitious and due to his son recent passing he's forced to travel back hom to sort out the affairs.  During conversation he keeps talking to 'Yao' and making creepy comments like "If you're wondering why this carriage is so empty compared to yesterday, it's because it's already FULL! HAHA!" stuff like that.
- After talking to everyone to the point of repeating, Yu prompts the players that he's feeling unwell again and to go back to his compartment
- There he reads a travel mag explaining about ghost month and warnings
- During reading a minor crash incident happens (earthquake inducing a small landslide in which several rocks knock into the train carriages)
- Mother knocks on Yu's door asking for a doctor - Kenny is injured (que trauma centre puzzle)
- Yu talks to the other passengers, old man is sleeping, phone guy calms down and bartender is trying to work out what happened but communication has sporadic signal due to being in a mountainous area.
- Yu gets the distressed call from Kemi
- Old man wakes up and goes a bit crazy
- Yu's guilt builds up again cos he can't do anything for Kemi or Kenny.
- After the train starts moving, Yu remembers that the nearest hospital next to their station is his hospital so he writes notes for his hospital to prepare for Kenny.  As the train pulls into the station, Yu runs off without looking back to find Kemi.
- Yu returns home to get phone batteries only to find that Kemi left a voice msg on his landline saying that she's fine.
- Yu decides to visit Kemi the next day and gives his respects to a nearby altar.

I shall post the script for day2 after I've proof read and finalised it; it currently stands at 18 pages XDDD  I'll also update the labels later to include the added characters so far.

Also I have to quote Michelle's text for my Yu chara design because it's just awesome "Yu is gna b one smexy chunk of a man" which decides things: Yu's face/hair design is complete XD


  1. Love the sketches by Michelle. The kid and old man looks really suitable. The mum looks really nice too.

    As for day twos script I think it works really well. I think getting the player to talk to all the characters before the accident and then meeting them again after its hap pend is really good especially with the kid as it establishes a connection with them so we have a reason to care when the accident happens. Also a good opportunity for some puzzles. Can't thing of anything else to say for this so far, the characters look really good and the story for day two is good too.

  2. I was thinking that the mum would visit Yu after x amount of days to tell Yu that Kenny passed away ... Just to make Yu oh so slightly more emo ... XD

    Cool, I'll keep the script for Day2 then, no idea what has happened to the residential critic *cough* Nadia *cough* so I'll keep it for now, ta!

    Hope that was a good case of character development for Yu as well as the other characters. Can easily bring them back now that they've been introduced like in PW.

  3. omg you quoted that awful line i texted?? hahahah well im glad you liked jade, thanks for posting as well ^^ the script is looking good!


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