Wednesday, 27 July 2011

All the ducks are swimming in the water

and sad Yu is sad.

I seem to like 3 the best.  1 reminds me of Kuroyanagi from Yakitate Japan and 2 looks like Sherlock.  Added bonus for a sad Yu moment though.  So far I think I'm pretty much ok with 3's hairstyle so hopefully we can wrap up his character design soon!


  1. fal la la la la, fal la la la.

    I prefer no 3 the most here too. He looks most like a bad ass, he also just looks the coolest there and the sort of looks like he could work in a hospital. I never though of having him wear glasses but it makes him look more intelligent. We know hes wearing a scarf but what else should he be wearing?

    And aww sad Yu.

  2. Yeh ... I shall do more clothes designs for Yu soon. But so far I think we're happy with the hairstyle?

  3. Yeh the hairstyles good, I think it works well for his character and also his job.

  4. i dont know what the title of this post means but i love it XD

    great concept art here! spesh love the sad yu is sad one mwahahaha :D niice


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