Monday, 25 July 2011

More concept sketches

Taking into account feedback from the outfits Jade posted I tried giving outfit designing a go;

Any good? Or should I brainstorm some more?
Once the outfit is decided I'm going to mess around with the hair once more to the style Mike suggested and then try and do a rough colour design.. Hopefully i can do it before friday as thats i wont have the internet for 2 weeks after that..

also, my fail attempts at Yu's hair XD

boys are harder to design than girls...

IMPORTANTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please read!
for some reason i can log into my gmail account and post new entries but i cant comment on entries anymore...
im not sure why that is but sorry for now I can't reply..
and jade - i like the name team wasabi!!! i also got the script now, thanks :D
and mike - love the concept sketches, i like the design in the middle with the long hair ^^

until next time when hopefully this bug will be fixed..


  1. Woohoo!! More Kemi sketches and this time Yu sketches...wahey!! :DDD

    Very, very nice designs! For Kemi, at the moment I'm I think the left full bodied drawing and the left drawing suits her personality a bit more. Since Yu's having a scarf maybe the clothes design you did for the top left would be better? I love her clothing designs though, so cute >w< Kemi wearing that dress as well, maybe when she starts to gain a bit more confidence I can totally see her wearing that kid of dress :DDD

    Aah Yu looks really cool too! I totally forgot about that kind of 'flicky' hair style! I think it really suits him too. I dno why but I'm always drawn to the hairstyle on the lower left. Maybe it's such a generic asian hairstyle so it just appeals to everyone. Can never escape it XD. On the other hand it suits Yu's personality of having a slightly generic appearance and nothing too flashy. My guess is to just keep brain storming for Yu's hair style at the moment and see what happens lol. Yarp boy's hair styles are hard to draw I know >.<.

    Also don't feel that you should stick to chara design, if you'd like to draw anything else that you'd think will contribute, please feel free to do so ^-^ I don't want you to get bored of just drawing Kemi on your holiday lol :P

    Keep up the good work Michelle!! :D

  2. yea this is really good, how old is she supposed to be though, she does seem a little young lol

  3. Yu's meant to be late 20's ish, he's a nurse so not quite a Doctor. Think of JD/Turk from scrubs lol.

  4. With the Yu drawings I personally like the bottom right the most, but I think Jade already mentioned it, it might be a bit too fancy and the one on the left is a bit mor befitting of someone with his kinda of job.

    I luuuuvv the Kemi designs, she looks so cute! Her hair and hat are really nice. I like the outfit design on the 2nd page in the middle the most. It's very modern and cute at the same time.

    On a side note these are just great drawings overall, I love them.

  5. Agreeing with Mike, Kemi's designs on the 2nd page are FTW. Modern and cute really suits her character for this game especially. Keep up the designs Michelle, I think I shall leave you in charge of Kemi designs since you've really gone with the wind with her lol. Mike and I can tackle Yu I guess? XD

    ps let me know if the bug is fixed or not, if not send a feedback to google and you might possibly need to add another email account for the blog :/


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