Saturday, 20 August 2011

Yu's Phone 2

Ok, I added a few more things and kept it in greyscale. I left out any numbers and symbols because it didn't look quite right, it might be better when its painted on.


  1. Looking good Rumzi! I think we can leave out the phone charm for the time being and get some random design ideas going for that before we stick it into the final render. Detailed comment will come after I go crash.

  2. this is a comment on behalf of both your entrie rumzi!!

    this is looking smashing i must say!! srsly very high quality work and the phone charm is adorable *w*

  3. This is looking really great. Nice out.

  4. Greyscale looks awesome - Any budding graphic designers want to make Yuey's phone look pretty? Regarding the phone charm, I've uploaded a whole batch of photos onto my Flickr account for everyone to access for more Chinatown reference photos. I'll probably add a few more photos there which are not related to Chinatown but HW in general.

    I'm wondering whether we could get some semi fancy animation going for when players access the inventory. It's going to waste so much time but it'll look damn pretty XD


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