Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Day 2 Script minor edit 1 via Mediafire

Edits done:
Page 2: 9-10-13 usual > usual place.
Page 2: 11: I'll leave you be to rest > I'll leave you to rest
Page 4: 14: Not all M'an > Not at all M'an
Page 5: 16: is currently training on a job be a reporter. > is currently training on the job to be a reporter.
Page 9: 3 today is the day of the official festival of that month: this word month should be the month in question.
Page 9: 1 Ancestral Month or Ghost Month as it is known by locals believe that >Ancestral Month or Ghost Month as it is also known, locals believe that
Page 15: 16 When are we moving?! > When are we going to get moving?!
Page 18: that's a god sign, > that's a good sign,

That is all I found and edited.
Have a nice day


  1. Brilliant Tim, much less than I expected! I shall use your upload as a base and start refining it.

    Good job! :D

  2. What's the current situation with the script? ALSO: HELLO. Sorry to be AWOL, it's been a busy time.

  3. Chris!!! So nice to hear from you!

    Script situation are as follows: on hold. Once I've finished the opening cutscene and sorting out the procedures in implementing the final renders for the artwork and assets into the engine, I'll then start tackling implementing the script.

    Seeing as there is no gaping holes in the script that requires my immediate attention I've decided to leave it until I'm at the stage to look at it properly XD

    What's the situation down your end?

  4. All right, cool. My situation: well, regarding Hungry Whispers, I don't really know what my role is, so tell me what you want from me. Otherwise, welp, I'm just settling into sixth form, so who knows how much free time I'll end up with!


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