Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Game dialogue interface + example of 'game cutscene'

Are the borders too big looking?  Overall I'm really happy with the dialogue box XD. Also excuse the incredibly rough background - just playing around with colour - maybe to contrast with the use of blues in carriage 5?  And WOAH, just notice the influx of posts/comments in my inbox.  I shall enjoy :DDD

Well done guys! Keep up the work!


  1. nah the borders are good good good :d jade i love the way you coloured this!

  2. Thanks Michelle! Tis only a rough but it gets the idea across XD

  3. I think it looks good. Dont think the border is too thick. Though there will probs have to be another smaller box to the left to fit the items in as I cant get the pop up thing working. Also I wonder if the onwards button needs to be that big? I think the other button your drew is actually better as its just simpler. Also as it stands in the code you dont actually need to click anywhere specific to progress the text. Once you've clicked on something clicking anywhere will make the text continue but I can probably change that if you want (Obviously that has been checked for bugs and clicking on another area that would display text is not possible while other text is already being displayed).

  4. Sweet, I'll amend the interface to incorporate the menu and possibly inventory box - what would the menus contain again? Or will it take you to a separate page. I'm assuming that it wouldn't have any drop down menus when you click on the menu just to make life easier?

    The only thing about TKON was the button being too small to click with the mouse (again I'm basing it on the PW interface by having a massive button). Having it assigned to an arrow key on the keyboard will rock too.

    If I were to incorporate the inventory box as a bog standard part of the interface like in TKON, it would need to be disabled during dialogue sections.

  5. The menus would take you to close ups of the items and the ability to use the phone.

    As standard in the code all updates are disabled (so clicking on anything new) when dialog is being shown and they dont become active again until after the dialog has finished so that will be ok.


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