Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Phone Designs

Just to get the ball rolling with some phone designs for Yu and possibly Kemi although I'm focusing more on Yu's phone for this post.

Reminders that the phone design will need to suit his personality:
- a bit quiet/reserved
- logical
- clean - prefers minimalist design
- bit of gadget man but would not go out of his way to get the latest/popular item
- Japanese flip phone / black or dark "mature" colour.
- phone charm design; simple, slightly silly / protection charm / my dA avatar pic lol. Just throwing in some ideas.  Maybe for the full version players can unlock new phone charms over the course of the game  and personalise Yu's phone lol.

For Kemi:
- Playful / cute
- Little sister type character
- Not really fussed about how 'cool' the phone is (Yu probably more so) as long as it fits her image
- Ridiculously cute phone charm but won't go OTT with the bling or have tonnes of little phone charms lol.

I also like to think that it'll be cool to get players rely on Yu's phone so that they'll get really use to it.  I imagined that the use of Twitter is actually the save/load function when Yu updates his status "I'm on a train 14:43 23/08/11" and that when players check out the phone's media centre for pics and music it'll actually be concept art and my music compositions or something.

Also when Yu 'transports' to new locations (as opposed to just a new area within a location) players would need to access the 'MAP' function. The map is actually a transport map so Yu checks the time for the next train/bus time or whatever.  In certain parts of the game where Yu loses his phone/breaks/loses it/no network I can imagine users starting to panic because they can't save XD.  Anyway will think about the phone function a bit more while I compile a huge list of puzzle/scare events from previous posts.

Tag update: "Item/Inventory design" has been added.

Eden of the East phone:

Now some phone poses from Eden of the East because I can.

Evangelion phones:

Poncy phone:

Possible phone idea for Kemi is that hers will be a bit chunky/cute.  This phone is the same model used in the Final Fantasy Advent Children movie:

And lastly...


  1. omg those phones are all so cool :O this gives a much better idea of what to aim for, nice posting jade ^^

  2. Ohh I'm so glad XD I know I went a bit crazy but what the hell ^ ^ The more mood boards the better I guess!


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