Saturday, 13 August 2011

Some Images for the train

Partly as documentation, also partly for my own reference and for everybody else, here are some images that I think work well with the train setting. I always imagined it being quite a posh train (as well, it has a bar in it) but there should be a variety of images here to get people interested.

On a side note before I post the images; bar a few minor issues the engine is complete. The code for things like puzzles hasn't been done but for the first several puzzles I know exactly how I'm going to do those so the engine is pretty much complete.

Also while I'm at it I should point out while trying to get one of the elements of the engine to work I cam across a plugin for flixel called flixel power tools. ( Honestly its mostly just for special fx and stuff like that but its got some interesting stuff in there which could give us more ideas of what we want to do with the game. Most of the stuff I already know how to do in flixel but the special fx section is pretty interesting.

Anyway, on with the images.


  1. That is pretty much how I imagined it to look lol. Perfect in fact.

  2. Awesome sauce man! Looking forward to seeing the engine tomorrow and the images look pretty swell! I'm just going to edit your post to enlarge the images if that's okay with you?

    More details on the Team Wasabi meeting tomorrow so that everyone is up to date with what the hell's going on lol.

    Keep up the good work guys! Heart you all!

  3. Thats cool. I'm gonna get started on drawing some concepts for the interior either today or tommorow, I'm just gonna do a few more things to the code before that.

  4. Me too, it's been a while since I've drawn any background images so this'll be good practice!

    I think however that the train shouldn't be too OTT in poshness. Possibly think of it as minimal posh like the fanciness of the 2nd layer of dreams in Inception where they're in the hotel/bar.

    Lol I just realised the last pic - is that meant to be a cheap version of a sleeper train? XD

  5. I'll try not to go over board with the poshness. I understand this is not a train from the 1940s and is supposed to be a modern train so I'll try and bring that across. And yeh, I cant wait to get started on these, and the bartender.

    As for the last picture I suppose yes XD I just added it not cause I thought it looked particuly good but I thought it would be good reference for the perspective.

  6. Haha! Cool, you're excused then! Can't wait to see some concept art for the bg now!! :DDD

  7. Hi its Tim,

    I have been looking over the whole sleeper train look and by the sounds of it, it is supposed to be upscale sleeper train but if the story is to be set 5-10 years into the future it won’t look like the 1940s it would look similar to the utilitarian designs of most large transportation system like ferries, airplanes and trains of the current era. I am going to post some more modern pictures of sleeper trains as by the looks pictures sleeper trains from Europe, America, china and the rest of the world are very similar. Although I am not of the artistic persuasion so a hybrid of utilitarian design and older styles could be done to give the game design an off normal look which many games have.


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