Tuesday, 23 August 2011

kemi sketches

I thought it's been too long since I last uploaded so here are some warm-up kemi pics i did today XD will do more colour designs tomorrow but let me know if theres any particular item of clothing that has a colour you like haha

she looks very manly in the bottom two pictures... o__o


  1. Those are looking seriously awesome. The colours in the top left hand one are my favourite. Love the pokemon style one, her face looks awesome XD

  2. HAHAHAHAHAH OMG I LOVE THE SPACE FILLER HAHAH Aaah I love all them, no money and the pokemon one = lmaoooo XDDDD

    I can totally imagine Kemi following Yu with a "plz feed me :C" face XDD

    On a serious note I'm drawn more to the colour scheme with the blue hat and purple jacket - which I think will make a nice contrast to Yu's tan jacket and black shirt. I love Kemi's yellow shoes too <333

    zzzomggg I love you Michelle cos these are just awesome XD

  3. thanks guys!!! ive done a new pic of different outfit colours so we can hopefully decide once and for all..

    and yeah kemi is secretly training her pokemans

    <3<3 ilu jade!


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