Friday, 5 August 2011

Sketch Dump

Mainly for the Mother and Kid.  Not much happening today, today is my lazy day XD

I shall finalise more characters soon ...


  1. I think the mum is looking a lot better now, she has that perfect look of being quite a nice lady whos rather tired by looking after her son due to worrying about his sickness. I think the best drawing of her which really nails the design is on page 2. The kids design looks really good as well.

  2. AAHHHHH!!!! JADDEEE you made my boy so beautiful *e* i love it!! hahahahaha this is all looking so awesome, im loving what you've done here and it really gets me inspired too!

  3. Thanks guys! I'll start to refine the mum later - I'm thinking of adding some Chinese embroidery to her collar (like I did with Yu's scarf) and add some pearls because that's a really mum-sy/upper class character trait. Will do some colour tests soon too!

    Haha I fell in love with your initial designs for Kenny so I just tweaked him here and there ^-^. Sorry that the scans are really light, forgot to go over them in normal pencil but meh!


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