Saturday, 6 August 2011

Asset List: Day 1

I have compiled an asset list based on the script for Day1, please could everyone download it and have a look.

Obviously I will not be able to handle all this by myself so I'll need to assign the different assets to different people.  I've decided that I'll do the final line art for the characters to keep the character design consistant but I don't think I can handle the character animated colours on top of background artwork and item artwork so could everyone please think about what they'd like to do XD.

As long as the designs and colouring are consistant it's fine!  The asset list also contain notes for the audio department to help with the visual design.  I may change the style of the asset list later so I'll keep everyone updated on it. Asset list for Day2 will come soon ... after I look through 18 pages of it...;)


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