Sunday, 21 August 2011

what hair

hmm.. im not sure what counts as being done on the asset list for me (im in charge of all the phone poses for kemi and yu) but is there a specific one i havent done yet jade? or one you want more poses for?

short post is short :D


  1. YAAAY! They're looking stunning!! I've written out a draft asset list for day2 but for now you can possibly work on some colour designs for Kemi? :3

    The character animations will be in b/w a la Hotel Dusk but the cutscenes will be in colour. Maybe you can play around with Kemi's design a bit more if that's cool?


  2. ps I've updated this post with tags!

  3. np np this was a little quick XD
    and yup i can do that! ^^
    what part of the design do you want played around with? or do you mean the colour a bit more? <3

  4. Unless you want to refine Kemi's design a bit more? I'm pretty happy with her atm - just need to finalise her clothes and colour now :D

  5. that sounds good >D working on it tonight so it should be ready by tomorow evening for uploadage!
    will reply to comments later as well as im drawing for youuu atm mwahaha


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