Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Wasabi Engine version 2 and some Character designs

Here's the link; http://flippinmental.deviantart.com/art/wasabi-engine-ver-2-246375076

No sound so far and it may take a while to load. But other then that this is an as3 version of the wasbi engine. It's still not fully working, some bits are being annoying, some bits dont look that great like the text. OHH how I tried to change the text, so many times and just nothing seems to work. It's possible it will probably take me a while to figure out, I'm probably just doing something really stupid. I tried to get items working, again I'm sure I'm just doing something stupid and thats why its not working. I haven't done anything particularly special, everything I've done can be done pretty easily. What I've been aiming to do thought is not make anything amazing but make the code efficient, so that you never have to repeat code or have complicated time lines. Like with the flixel version this can load a swf as a cutscene so thats good.

I'm really in two minds about this. In some ways the flixel version will be easier to use and make more complex stuff in. However this version is using the basic as3 version so it means it will be easier for other people to work on it and to understand. I'm quite happy to explain and teach as to how the flixel version works though.

And while I'm at this posting event I'll post some of the designs I've done for character. I went a bit crazy with the old man, drawn a friendly pose and shouting pose but they're quite horrible drawings. The one I really like though is the bartender, I think he looks pretty cool. Also got the mum and the angry guy, I quite like those too but I think Michelles drawings are better.

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  1. these look great!!! you're really good at drawing older gents mike :D

    particularly like the snooty looking waitor since thats quite different from the others and appeals to me the most XD keep up the great work!


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