Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Creepy Experiences & Puzzle Ideas

A compilation of ideas in which I forgot to post so I'll type them up now from my sketchbook! May not make much sense but it's up for everyone to look at at least:

Creepy Experiences:
- Chatting w/ Kemi: she gets creepier and creepier with each visit at the mental hospital.  Through the phone, then tv which gets distorted over time.
- Door knocks but no one is there.
- Swinging rope sounds followed by a thud *mental hospital
-Calling out to someone in the distance but they don't acknowledge you - unnerving.
- Disappearing carriage idea.  DONE.
- Locked door, creepy voice asks if you want to enter.  Use the mic to answer / knock on the door to answer.
- Moving toy (Robbie the Rabbit idea).
- Abstract entity that chases you, block the door somehow? (Think about the candles used in SH4)
- Drowning - time limit.
- Resi4 - Play as Ashley.

Puzzle Ideas:
- Mouse = flashlight
- Decipher code - Kemi's notebook? / Hack into her computer.
- Fix fusebox for light.
- Codelock to enter a building
- Blow into mic to remove dust/joss sticks if not remove w/ mouse.
- Figure out a secret passage
- Place items in a certain order
- Dream sequence - connected by and to phone.
- Timer puzzle - long corridor / split screen.
- Piano, hear a ghost playing it, play a reply sequence/finish the sequence.
- Make an offering to a ghost in exchange for information.
- Keylock - audio/visual clues.


  1. ooohhh these are good, i might try and incorporate this into my concept art if poss..

  2. DO EEETT...then post post post ;DDD


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