Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Squiggle art in Flash

Ok, I've done some research in the Flash programming side to get that 'squiggle' effect for the character animations without drawing extra frames for it.  I wish we could rotoscope actual people but the trouble is more than it's worth XD.

I've been flicking through JohnSu's dA again and Mike already knows this he uses the Displacement Map Filters and Perlin Noise to make that 'squiggle' effect on his artwork.  I've found some tutorials on it so I'll start looking up soon because there's quite a lot of advance coding needed for it.  I reckon once I crack it, we would be able to copy pasta the code onto all animations making it even more Hotel Dusk-y. Yay!


Only problem with reading the comments is that it seems to 'eat' a lot of CPU which is slightly worrying.  I'm worrying if we can just tweak the code so that it'll only affect the animation artwork for a second or something and then it'll automatically loop.  Will look more into this and possibly just ask JohnSu on dA lol.


  1. ah you found it!! well done well done :D
    hmm.. as for the problem.. i guess we should experiment with it a little bit and if its more trouble than good we'll find another way, even if it means really roughly drawing more frames (which i dont mind doing if you're busy or we leave until we have more free time)


  2. Scrap that, the almighty Johnsu has uploaded a .fla file so we can finally see the source code!! HOORAY!! http://johnsu.deviantart.com/art/Squiggly-Flashbook-253170398

    I hope we can manage to pull off this squiggle animation effect...I'm really looking forward to seeing this project being pulled off as a PW meets Hotel Dusk game...XD

  3. EPIC YAY!!!
    i guess we will have to wait and see but its promising that we might not have to draw the squiggly things ourselves XD

  4. Ah I've been reading through the comments and I found that the squiggle code can only be done on Flash CS4 and above so it'll be a bit tricky to do. Not only that, Mike can't seem to figure out which part of the code is the bits to do the squiggles so urgh! I dno.

    On the other hand, Mike did come up with a good compromise and suggested to make the shadings squiggly through a mask. So that might be a good alternative.


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