Sunday, 21 August 2011

Jade's back in Bath and this is the plan, Batman.

Right, I'm back in Bath and I'm able to access all my stuff on my main computer.  The joys of being back at my actual desk!  Some things to be aware of:

- I shall reply to all comments sometime in the next 24 hours

- JohnSu has uploaded a flash source file for the squiggle effect as well as the flip book effect.  I can finally open the file in Flash CS4, save it into a CS3 file and upload it somewhere for you Mike!

- Reference pics from Chinatown will be uploaded onto my Flickr account soon. Background artwork for the city can begin soon, hooraids!

- Same for the sketches I've done, my sketchbook is already halfway finished. Gosh!

- Scripts/asset lists for day1&2 will be further edited sometime in the next few days as there are mistakes here and there.

- As the characters get more animation time in day2, I'll need to get the guys working on the animation to discuss what kind of gestures the characters can do to represent several emotions that I'll outline in the new asset list.  Perhaps I'll make a separate one for animation?

- That reminds me- MIKE: Is it possible to do the interact/look function by pressing the L/R mouse buttons?  If not I'll amend the scripts to omit the LOOK dialogue on the characters and/or try to incorporate it in the normal dialogue somehow.

- Please for whatever reason, let me know if you're having a break/on holiday/at work/ or whatever.  I do get worried if people suddenly "disappear" and haven't heard from you guys for a while XD.  Just let me know mmkay? Thanks :3

- Future apologies for when I start acting "pushy" for artwork and whatnot.  Can't be a good production manager/producer if I'm not right? Gotta keep the production output for this project constant at the end of the day!

The owl, it watches you. 



    i need to reply to comments too sorry >w<
    and ive started some colour pics of kemi but i am unsure of the hair now so i was gonna wait until i hear feedback from you on the entry im about to post before i finish them off..

    im still here!! despite my mind being eaten by videogames... im bad ..

  2. AWWWW. I want that owl, its almost as awesome as slender panda.

    In response to your question from what I've seen, no, you cant assign a function to the right mouse button. It's possible to disable it but from an initial look at the event listener list theres nothing to detect when the right mouse button is being pressed. And from a quick google search it seems like its impossible.

  3. And I stupidly replied to your comment about colour designs for Kemi in which you're already on the ball on. Michelle, you're a star! Yesss post post post! The only thing that I wasn't sure about Kemi was whether her hair ends in points or not - which they kinda do cept for her fringe. Thanks for clearing it up! I really suck at drawing Kemi ...esp hats. OMG I can't do it yet XD I'll need to practise drawing Kemi first before I even attempt at drawing her hat.

    It's good to have your mind eaten by videogames - we're making a videogame so you've been good and doing homework :P

    Mike: IKR! So cute! I want one too.... XD Okay, I'll amend the scripts asap and delete the "LOOK" dialogues and try to incorporate the important ones into the main dialogue a la PW style. THAT REMINDS ME - some of the functions that John Su uses can only be used in CS4 and above apparently. I'll upload the file to MediaFire so that you can have a look at it - hopefully the class components that can only be used in CS4 and above is for the page flips and not the squiggle effects.

    Thanks for the reply guys!

  4. np jade!! AH you do not suck at drawing kemi!! i really really like her in your style jade! :D:D:D:D:D

    woooo i guess so XD am being better with it now though cause ive completed the game so i wont have so many urges for it now XD


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