Friday, 12 August 2011

Blog1 screenies...

Lazy Jade is lazy.

To do list:
- Animate
- Program buttons
- Sound design
- Shoot zombies
- Sleep.


  1. These are looking pretty good. The colouring style is really nice, it gives it an almost dream like feel.

    One thought I just had, this is really minor thing, but after the Hungry whispers title screen has faded out (or disappeared of w/e it does) maybe the words 'Day 1' should fade in at the centre of the screen, then it would fade out and the first image of the blog would appear. I suggest this just as while 'day 1' is visible on the first blog image it might be missed. I think by having day 1 appear at the centre of the screen makes it will also make it obvious that this game will take that sort of format where the days mean something.

    Also on a note for some of the more static images, I'm not sure which are gonna have animation and which aren't (Actually thats a lie, I know the first image will have the reflection in the window) but maybe for the others we just use the anime trick of having the image slowly pan across the screen or slowly zoom in.

    I'll discuss this next point with you more when I see you tomorrow (as it will be easier to explain) but I'm wondering if this would be better to just do within the engine itself rather then as a separate swf. The engine is capable of doing everything you want to do here in it, like the typing for example. Like I said, I'll explain more tomorrow.

  2. Ta!

    Totally forgot about the whole 'day1' thing - will think about it a bit more for tomorrow's meeting.

    Also, I totally forgot about some form of animation for static images especially for the flashbacks. I like the idea of using cheap animation tricks so again let me think about it.

    Ok, see ya tomorrow. I'm only worried about getting the timings right for the actual animation that's why I'm doing it by myself and making separate .swf files for it. But okay!

  3. i love it!! the colours especially appeal to me here, jade i think you've hit the nail on the head here... the more work we do on this the clearer the outcome becomes and the more i want to draw hahaha..

  4. Thanks Michelle! Going back on Mike's earlier point I am aiming to get the train sequences slightly 'dreamy' so that it's hard to distinguish whether the player's waking/dreaming. I think it also somehow reflects Yu's mental state in which the colours are quite warm but the shadows are really cold and that no matter where he goes, his guilt is always following him.

  5. I think it would be really great for the backgrounds to be painted in this pastel like style, for the reasons you just said XD So yeh, I'm just agreeing with you. So rather then having a really neat painting style for the bgs (which is how I initialy imagined it) the bgs be painted like this would be cool too.

  6. Cool! In that case I'll also post up the textures that I used just to keep the art style semi consistent. What do you guys think of the idea of me doing the post production work for the bg in terms of overlaying the filter effects over the backgrounds?

    Ooh that reminds me I think I forgot to add the blurry train window animation to the asset list :O

  7. Oh my goodness, no one spotted that I've actually said too much of the dialogue in the first screen shot. URGHALGJLSKKHISSNBN!!! OTL!!!

  8. ehhhhhh D: so sorry for late replies
    the dreamy touch is a nice one you're right :D
    and ahhhhh sorry sorry >w< i will take note in future to look for such things!

  9. That would be wonderful!!! (; A ;) It's all sorted now XD Glad I made these ref screenies XD


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