Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Skit face ideas

As you all know I am a persona freak so I have been using these pics as inspiration for the asset list skit faces ^__^


And the sketches!
A few for Kemi;

And some for Yu!;

with both of them on the phoooonnneee <'3
feedback much appreciated, still have a few more of Yu's skit faces to do but am wondering if i'm going about it the right way first..



    Think you've got Kemi pretty much nailed down :D Keep up with the brain storming and we can slowly start to refine it :D

    Yu looks awesome too (and smexy XD) can't wait to do the final linearts for him too mwahahahah XD Just a pointer that Yu's fringe is a bit too long but other than that I love his pac man shirt too XD I'll post up stock images for his shirt design and scarf patterns nearer the time.

  2. Those are amazing, I really love them, the poses are just perfect, so full of character!

  3. IKR? Is it bad that I slightly fangirl'ed when I first saw them? XD

    Ooh idea for Kemi's animation sequences: the one with Kemi writing something in her book kinda reminds me of Ema Skye's animation from PW. I really like that kind of playfulness from her as well as Maya. Maybe they'll help for inspiration/reference as they suit the the "little sister" train anyway lol.

  4. thanks guys ^////^

    ill keep sketching out ideas and post them again soon, ive got a friend round for a couple of days so ill have to post the new stuff on friday methinks.

    you fangirled though?? hahahahah aw jade!! thank you XD

    i should post some ema skye refs soon too then...


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