Thursday, 25 August 2011

Asset list for day1&2 + moar concept art

The asset list for day 1&2 has been combined seeing as they're based on the same kind of environment so I just combined them.  I've added more character expressions for Kenny, Riko, Bartender, Phone Guy and the crazy Old Man, however I've just added some words to describe their emotions.  I figured that it'll just help with the visual brain storm for the characters before we start refining and cutting down the amount of expressive animation needed.  Hopefully it's more helpful that way?

Also more background stuff is added like the game cutscenes (usually consisting of closeups) and more item designs like a defibrillator, ice and towel items which will be combined to make a make-shift ice pack.  Anyway I hope you guys can check it out and start thumbnail brainstorming for the characters at least.

I've left out the audio assets for the time being as I'm writing out a sound map for the story events.  I'll post it up once I'm done so that you guys can check it out if you're interested XD.

Yu's room on train concept

Also this is my rendition of Yu's room on the train.  I've just modernised it a bit and added a bathroom with the right angle for the window/laptop.

The magazine rack is above the bed head bit - maybe add a little bed headrest to make it a bit more fancy? There's a spring nightlight with a switch above the bed for reading.  Blinds have been changed to the type in which you can pull the string and it'll roll up/down.  Was trying to make the room's interior more streamlined/economical.  The desk juts out from the wall (no table legs) to optimise space.  Maybe add some thin desk drawers.  There's also a hole bit under the desk to store luggage. Oh I forgot to add the laptop charger into the pic but you get the idea.  Some artwork above the desk and oh yeh, all the doors are the sliding sort.  Again going with the whole streamline/economic approach as Tim previously suggested.  The main door should look a bit bulkier compared to the bathroom door because it has machines in it to read train tickets (which is used as compartment keys).  I'm thinking about the ones in hotels where you either slide down the ticket to open/lock the door or you insert it.  Anyway, just throwing in some ideas.


  1. looking mighty smexy i must say.
    this is great, gives us a much better insight now.. fantastic jade!

  2. Looks really good, I might change minor details but other then that I'll go with this design for the room as I think mine were going in an overly fancy direction and this is simply better. Nice out!

  3. FTW guys! Keep the ball rollin' :)


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