Friday, 12 August 2011

Some links which I found that may be useful...

BBC on Singapore on Ghost Month 2011 (happening now XD)
Not quite related but BBC on Asian Stereotypes


  1. Those are pretty interesting links. Watching the first one it gives me lots of ideas and imagery for what could happen in the game. But I'll leave those thoughts for now as we need to focus on the first few days. Though on a side note I quite liked the music at the start of that report.

    The other linke was interesting too. Like the reporter said it dosnt come to any conclusions but usually I think art isnt about coming to conclusions.

  2. Indeed, it's quite interesting to see it in the modern context too - can't remember the music in the first link but I'll watch it again when I'm not about to collapse on the macbook lol.

    The 2nd link was a related link to the first which I thought was quite funny and thought to throw it into the mix. Might give an idea in the complexity of asian stereotypes...? Who knows harhar XD


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