Sunday, 21 August 2011

Mini Sketchbook dump

Drawing Yu Level + 5 (I hate side profiles, can never get it right.)

Lol....can't draw girls anymore, will keep practising... sry Michell!

Train carriage colour testing. Perspective/everything fail mainly because I was drawing this at 4am as well as talking to loads of ppl online so my focus kept going all over the place.  Anyway - I'm not sure whether to keep it similar to Hotel Dusk and have the characters coloured in but static when players explore the environment.  I'm going for the royal/navy blue with cream colour combination.  Not sure what everything thinks about it here - any colour suggestions?  Also since I have Photoshop open I've compiled a quick screenshot in how I'm envisioning the game to be.  It'll be similar to my last game by having two characters in the same dialogue panel because I think it's cool to see some of the reaction shots of the characters. The game interface will need to be designed soon - any takers for that?

Rage Phone Guy FTW.


  1. AW CRAP
    i left some long ass comment on this a few hours ago.. did it not post?!?! *cries forever*

  2. LOL aw, you're such a sweetheart XD No worries, at least I know that you've had a looked at the post! :)

  3. FFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! LOL love the screen shot. Thats pretty much how I imagined it as well, minus the rage guy and the whit borders around the characters but that looks pretty good and makes sense as thats what they did in hotel dusk too. Drawings are looking pretty good.

    While the perspective is looking weird for the 5am drawing I get the gist of it. It actually gives me a better idea of what it is you want that background to look like so I'll make those changes, I think the layout of that room looks pretty good, with the sofas on one side and tables on the other. I think doing the hotel dusk system of having all the character visible in the background so then you can click on them to talk to them is best.

  4. I've drawn it a bit too wide - trains are meant to be slightly claustrophobic but for the final render it should look fancy and modern and basically more train like XD

    Also for the windows; I was aiming to have the reflection animation through them just to give the environment a bit of movement. I'm also toying with the idea of making the characters in the BG have the squiggle animation over them just to add to the movement - it could be too much though.

    Argh, also need to design the dialogue interface. Do you think we'll need anything else for the interface apart from the big fat play/next button?

  5. my comment really didnt post last night wtf.
    ill try and right it again haha XD

    okaayyyyy i think it went a little like this

    hahaha! i love the guy yu is talking to on the right!! he should really be like that XD epic. but kidding aside i think this is a great way to lay things out and i particularly like the colour of teh train..! sunset is the best set :D

    arghhh you draw kemi and yu so so pro!! i really think i am a little in love with kemi XD set up a date for me please? ;p

    great work jade!! srsly am really happy with it all :D

  6. Mike: I've just thought - will it be possible to get a nice fade in/out of the game interface appearing overlaying the bg for the dialogue and button thing? It could essentially act as the invisible/disable button for the bg too.

    MIchelle: If Mike gets round to finalising some of the train bg I can do some digital colour tests on it. Still not sure about the navy/royal blue and cream colour scheme but I shall seez. LOL we should have a omake episode with rage guy as one of the characters you talk to XD

    And yes you can have a date with Kemi provided you ask for Yu's permission first XD I suspect that he's the slightly over protective big brother type :P

    Thanks for the feedback!!! Rly appreciate it T_T

  7. Yeh the overlay thing should be fine, I don't see why not, I'll get onto that soon.

  8. np np i can wait, i might not have much time for the next couple of weeks so hopefully ready for some colouring myself by then XD

    and yes we should! we must always remember rage guy even after the project is done!!

    awwww i will ask him!! do you think he will say yes???? :D:D:D:D

  9. I think Yuwey's the type who'd say yes for you to go on a date with Kemi but will keep spying on you guys from the distance with a pair of binoculars and holding a potted plant over his face.


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