Thursday, 18 August 2011

Utilitarian designs of sleeper trains

Hi I was looking at the background work for the sleeper trains and I thought I would add another angle on the sleeper train which is the utilitarian designs which pervaded transport these days. So to give another point of view on what a posh design of trains would look like. Even though design of backgrounds is not my area of expertise I will add some images which might add to the discourse over the other pictures. Also I see utilitarian designs in both expensive and less expensive designs but there is a trend for 4 beds which can be folded up and they look similar around the world as some of these pictures are from England, Germany and China so around the globe the design is in use by most companies.

Back to reading the script.

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  1. Nice selection of modern inspired designs here!

    I think it was already established in the previous train post that it looked a bit too 1940's but, I really like the atmosphere of the 'fanciness' it gave particularly to the colour red.

    In fairness, I think it would work better for Yu's compartment to be a mixture of these images and the really fancy one from the last post. Remember that it takes place on a 1st class part of the train so it would be nice to get a good compromise between the two different design styles. The modern designs posted up seem to go towards the colder colours, I'm wondering what Yu's room would look like if it were coloured with slightly colder colours compared to the warmer colours for the food compartment? Might be good to experiment. Other than that, good job people!


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