Tuesday, 23 August 2011

These be some drawings

Taking a break from building my soon-to-be-named minecraft villages's first skelton reservation to actually do something constructive. So I've done some thumbnails of all the backgrounds which I'm actually quite glad I did now as there's not as much pressure to get things right and it means I can more quickly try out different things so I wonder why I just didn't do that before. This first one is my original idea for the carriages 1-5. Its terrible and unfinished and I abandoned it to work on other things but I want to point it out as I think it gives an idea of what I was thinking for how to reproduce each carriage. As there are 5 carriages and lets face it most carriages in trains all look the same, in order to distinguish from each one there is a plaque noting the carriage number as well as the rooms it contains (most of which will be locked I imagine). Oh yeh and excuse dodgy quality, this scanner isnt the best.

Which leads me onto this quick thumbnail I did for the carriage which is a lot more straight forward then the weird design I was going for in the previous drawing (which I don't think really worked). What I was thinking for this was that along with having the sign change, to make each carriage feel distinct without having to completely redraw it we'd just have some object in the room change. In this scenario there's a little table mid way down the carriage with a plotted plant (yep that's what that's supposed to be). I figured that the object and the position of the table would be different for each carriage just to give each one more of a distinguishing feature.
More designs for Yu's room. The top one I don't like so much as I feel it looks a little cramp, where as I quite like the one below though it might look a bit too much like a bedroom then an actual room on a train. Actually what I do like about the top one is that you can see the door which will be a good way of having a transition from one scene to the other(you click the door to leave), the bottom one you're kind of looking at the room from the door. Either way, I think these need some work.


The 'normal' position of Yu, wasn't too sure what to do with his arms but I figured as he has them in his pockets in the concept drawings it would work here too. I think it fits though as it shows him slightly introverted due to the recent tragedy.
Last one. I realised that the conductor hadn't been designed yet so I might as well do that. I started off drawing him as really grumpy but I felt it looked too aggressive, so I went for the Brock from poke'mon look with having his eyes constantly closed and a big chubby smile. Maybe I'll give him a beard, I think a beard would look good on him. I think overly smiley guard is better then overly moody looking guard. 
And a super bonus happy drawing! This wasn't done for this project but actually something else I was working on a while back. I thought it might work as Yu's room for when he's back in the city (I know thats getting ahead of ourselves but I just thought I'd post it). Actually I don't imagine Yu's room being anything remotely like this but I figured I'd post it anyway, maybe Kemi's room? Again, don't imagine her's like this either but it doesn't hurt to post and see what peoples thing.

Auf wiedersehen.


  1. YAAAAY!!! I'm loving the designs so far!!! This project is coming together so nicely, I'm well excited!!!! :DDD

    Carriage Hallways - I really, really REALLY love the idea of making the carriages distinguishable - that way when the creepy disappearing carriage event happens, players will just go WTF. I've also found some cool creepy sound signifiers to use for the occurrences of any creepy experiences. How should we make the carriage hallway more personal? Slight colour changes? Different curtains? Let's brainstorm on it later.

    Yu's compartment: Your design is a lot better than mine and I agree, I prefer the second design. The only change I'll make to it is to have it as a mirror image so that the bed's on the left, desk middle and the door to the right. Going by the carriage designs you've done, all the rooms are on the left so this is just a minor connective for the different scenes and it'll flow better.

    Yu design: Hands in pockets = win. I'll start refining more Yu expressions once I've properly written up the asset list for day2.

    Conductor: yay for happy conductor XD I like the Brock approach too, nice out! I think we can safely say that the conductor is just about done - will just need to sort out the conductor's giving/receiving animation which is technically doing one of those then reversing it I suppose.

    Good job! You've earned a cookie!

  2. ps was there suppose to be another drawing at the end?

  3. great work with the bgs mike!! how are you finding them? you're pulling them off awesomely :D and love the conductor dude, he gives me a warm feeling inside haha XD as long as hes not secretly evil its allll good


  4. Mike and I have been discussing Yuwey's apartment right down to the electricity grid and the amount of potted plants. Looking forward to designing Kemi's place now XD

  5. Late reply is late! But for the sake of documenting I'll respond. There was supposed to be an image at the end, for some reason it hasn't loaded, oh well its not a biggie.

    Jade - I think we'll be going with your design for Yu's room on the train as its simply better and makes more sense.
    As for how to make each carriage different I'm not too sure. See on the one hand we need to make them different enougth so that you can tell them apart but on the other hand I don't think they should be so different that they dont look like they're from another train. Though on the other hand maybe we want to confuse the player with having very similar rooms. But still maybe there should be some detail from image to image. Maybe it could be things like having a table with a flower on it in one version and then maybe like those trolleys cleaners use in another?
    Also glad you like Yu and the train conductor. I'll start doing the rest of Yu's poses.

    Michelle - thanks! I'm starting to enjoy it more. Me and jade did blue prints for most of the unfinished rooms which has been really helpful and is something I really wish I had started doing as it makes things soooo much easier.

  6. How about:
    carriage 1 = normal
    carriage 2 = public communication device/something with an out of order sign.
    carriage 3 = for some reason the colours/HUES are really OTT for no reason (que creepy audio signifier or not)
    carriage 4 = normal ?

    C3 is the disappearing carriage maybe. I'll get to finishing the the assets for day1-2 as well as the cut scene for day1 T_T

  7. Yeh that sounds good. I like the idea of having an out of order sign or something. Maybe there can be a slught change to that room that theres a utility closet or something.

  8. Yep sounds good! Let's talk about it more tomorrow. Also another random update, I talked to a friend who works in A&E and it's pretty much confirmed the puzzle idea we had for the defib so we're cool with the go ahead for that!


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