Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Hooray! Emma has done some awesome concept art :B

Love the atmosphere of this especially with how lights are depicted to give it a slightly dreamy touch.  I think having this kind of experience for the player will be best as it suits Yu's mind set at the moment - almost like the past events doesn't seem real at all...yet it is D:

Poor Yuey, we love you no matter how emo you getz :V


  1. AWESOME!!!
    poor dude. i wonder if he wakes up to find this whole thing was just a dream..

  2. That looks really awesome. Well done Emma! You're very good at doing backgrounds. I think the colours are great but I imagined that the colours would be more warm, a bit like the photo references I posted up. What do other people think? Still awesome pic.

  3. Refer to my other comment but yeh I agree, slightly warmer tones. Mike, will you be able to experiment with colours/tones for the train scenes while I work on finishing up day1's blogologue with animation and sound? I reckon I can make a standard window animation that could be masked and used over the windows of all the train scenes.

  4. Yeh, I'll be able to get to work on that this week. I'll just use one of my old bg drawings as a base.


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