Thursday, 18 August 2011

I in no way endorse Vuescan (oh yeh and I've done some drawings)

I originally wasn't going to mention my exploits in trying to get these images scanned after all the scanners in my house all simultaneously decided to stop working. But I feel I have to at least explain the watermarks all over my images. After far too long trying to get at least one of the scanners working I had to download a program to get the scanner to work. Anyway it worked but it leaves a watermark all over them, I'll try and sort it out later but I felt in the spirit of getting on with things I'd post these up as they are.

I'm pretty pleased with the bar (for those of you who saw me last post it might look a bit familiar, though I changed a few things to make it look less fancy). The little tables is where i imagine the old crazy man to be.

This is Yu's room on the train. I need to add to it as it seems a little boring at the moment, but I feel its gives a general idea of what I felt the room would look like and at what angle it would be viewed from. I should probably note at this point that these aren't the greatest of images in the world but I can add and clean them up, or redraw them completely if people don't like them or not what they want.

Seeing as I was doing the bar I decided to draw the bartender as well. He only has two expressions, normal ad happy. I thought it would be good to have him cleaning wine glasses as you talk to him. For the happy expression I wasn't too sure what to do as I imagined him already with a constant small smile on his face. So for the happy expression I imagined all that would change is he would lean forward and smile a bit more with his eyes closed in proper anime fashion. This would also mean not as much animation to do for the character as you'd only need to change the top half.

Hope you all like, and again sorry for the horrible watermarks. Please try to see past them.


  1. Nice work! Really loving the first concepts for the backgrounds!

    I'm wondering whether it would work to possibly change the bar bit to incorporate a sofa/seating area as well as a dining area? I'm only thinking like this due to how people in the first class carriage would relax as well as eat/do work w/e during a sleeper train. I can find some textures for the curtains/carpets/chair fabrics once I get back to Bath and do some colour tests soon possibly?

    For Yu's room I had something a little different in mind - something a little bit more spaced out and only one bed/sofa. Also, aiming for a room that gives an 'empty' feeling to mirror Yu's mentality. Again I shall do a proper sketch of it soon and scan it once I'm back in Bath on Sat. I do like the little touch of the shoes/slippers underneath too!

    LOL I love the Bartender!!! It's awesome! I'll try and do my versions of it just to nail it down but I love the fact that he's a character is a permanent grin glued to his face because that's his job. After the train crash, he'll have the exact same expression but with just a trickle of blood down his forehead and an added slightly worried expression. Asset list for Day2 will be done soon. I plan to go espresso bar hunting in London and just working on this :)

    Good job Mike!! Also I'll add a "Bartender" tag.

    I've also drawn a sketch of the bar area but realised that the perspectives is all over the place because I was drawing it at 5am and half asleep XD I might redraw it at some point and do test screen shot to incorporate colour tests and how people/animate objects should be drawn over the background.

  2. LOL I love the fact you actually realised that scribble I drew on the floor was Yu's shoes XD I thought that was going to be too incomprehensible.

    For the bar area, I original I was going to draw a sofa but I went for the dinning room kinda design as I was worried I was going In a far too fanciful direction. I'm kinda glad you're not too worried about that as I just think the setting works. I'll redraw the bar scene in the case (Before that however I'll draw the other bgs to get you're feedback on those).

    And yeh, the more I look at my drawing of Yu's room the room I think it sucks. It's a very boring and not in a good way. To be honest I had just finished drawing the bar scene and was aiming to get two bgs done in one day and I think I was a bit burnt out when I got onto it. But I'll completely redo that one to add a bed, and also just make it much larger and emptier as your suggestion.

    Really glad you like the bartender, he was easily thr bit I was most pleased with, I too imagine that after the accident he will still be smiling despite being injured, I imagine him as someone who is very dedicated to his job.

  3. Lol, Mike. I live in an Asian househould. I KNOW SHOES WHEN I SEE EM ON THE FLOOR! -ahem-

    I just looked through the of day2 - carriage 5-6 is where they sell hot food, beverages, and a variety of snacks. Meaning that Carriage 5 can use more sofas and the area at the back of the bar is more tables and chairs.

    No problem, it's good that you've at least tried! Also just for future reference - have the window on the left side of the desk so that it'll be consistent with the cut scene.

    After going through day2's script - the bartender will have more expressions but again, we can sort it out once I've made a proper asset list for it. I've a feeling we'll need to expand Yu's list of animations to fit it, but I'm wondering whether we can use one expression to mean different things to cut down on the amount of animations to do. Again, I'll need to think about it and keep brainstorming.

  4. LOL fair enougth.

    Ok then, I'll add some sofas and more comfy looking chairs for people to sit down and have sophisticated drinks.

    Oh yeh! lol, while I was drawing I think that had occurred to me at one point but I forgot by the time it came to draw the laptop. Oh well It doesn't matter too much as I'm gonna completely redo that one.

    YAY! I get to draw the bartender more. As for Yu's animations, he's already got an quite a few. I'm thinking there must be a way to cut it down or keep it at what we got at the moment. I think the words and music will also carry a lot of weight and add meaning to the animations, so I don't think we necessarily need more, except for maybe a few circumstances.

  5. ooh impressive background mike!! theyre hard to draw but youve done awesome :D theyre just sketches so it doesnt matter much but the only crit i have is that the two tables on the bottom left are a tiny bit out of perspective but only noticed cause i was looking hard XD


  6. Cheers ^^. As for the tables yeh they look quite awkward. I would redraw them but I think I'm getting rid of them altogether and replacing them with a sofa or something. Cheers for the advice.

  7. Mike - would you be able to do some colour tests for the waiter? I will need to revise the cut scenes for blog2 sometime soon so go for it!

    Good work team, I'm loving the posts so far :D


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