Monday, 1 August 2011

Work Schedule for everyone

Hello all, as suggested by Mike I've produced a schedule so that we could all get an idea for deadlines and such.  I had a rough idea in my head but it was more dependent on how successful the Wasabi engine plays out.  But now that I've got the general picture on it, I have a rough idea in what the engine is capable of.

At the moment, September looks a bit bare because HW is very much dependent on the narrative/script.  I haven't thought up what would happen after Day5 at the moment but I figured that if we can get at least up to Day5 done and dusted we can add more as we go along for a substantial demo to show. I will update and upload revised versions of the schedule as we go on.  In fact, I'll create a page for the schedule too so that it is at least readily accessible.


Mike, I hope you don't mind me pushing you to at least get the basics of the Wasabi Engine done before you start work? As you said before, once the engine actually works we wouldn't have to worry about it unless it breaks and that means we'll just need to worry about generating the art material for HW.

Michelle, you're a star to get the ball rolling with the character designs for Day1-2, hope you get a good holiday and I am awaiting for your return :3

Rumzi/Emma/Nadia: I know Rumzi's busy with work but I've no idea what happened to Emma and Nadia XD Erm, hope you're alive?!

Character animations:
Going with the Hotel Dusk style of animations but with some colour, the process would be that I'd draw the final lineart for the characters and I'll set you guys to animate and colour it in.  I shall leave the animation prettiness to you animation graduates, just tell me what you want me to draw mmkay?

Yu's Blogologue animations:
I'll try and do these by myself as the sound/music designer because I've got the audio-visual pacing in my head and again I will need your assistance in helping me colour stuff etc.  I'll try and do the animatics for it so then at least you can help me tweak the visual assets while I work on the sound/music perhaps?

Background/Prop artwork:
What's everyone's take on the artwork for the bg/prop artwork?  Would people want to design the artwork for it or do you want me to do the general lineart for it so that you can colour it?

The Plan is therefore:
Aiming to get a working, sizeable and playable demo!

The schedule is available on mediafire and dropbox.  Feel free to print and stick it on your wall (like moi).

Team Wasabi Power!


  1. Wow k, I havnt started messing with audio yet but I imagine its not too hard. I'm currently working on the as3 version of the engine and will post that up tommorow, though I should point out neither version of the engine yet has the item use and stuff avaliable however though I have experimented with that and I know how to do it so it wont be hard.

  2. Ok, if we can at least manage to get the main engine and interface working that's fine. I can probs work out how to get the audio working in AS3. As long as we can do it before you start work/LAC we should be fine.

    Sorry again.


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