Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Creepy Experiences / Puzzle Ideas

Compilation of creepy experiences and puzzle ideas. May not make sense to many cept those who have been up to date but I'll try and explain it to the best I can.

- Once Kemi gets found and put into a mental institute, players talk to her normally but as they visit her more often you talk to her by phone with a glass plane in between and then finally a tv monitor cos she starts getting slightly crazier and crazier.  I can do some crazy sound design here as well as make the image on the tv monitors go a bit crazy and suggestive.

- Knocking on a door but no one is there.

- The sound of something heaving swinging on a rope but you can't see anything - only hear it.  Maybe you can even see its shadow but there's nothing there creating the shadow (think weird shadow thing in one of the rooms in SH4 in the hospital when looking for Eileen).  When you leave and enter again you'll hear a thud and some rope materialises out of thin air.

- Calling out to someone in the distance but they don't reply = very unnerving.

- Disappearing carriage idea (which is already in day2).

- Yu comes across a locked door, it suddenly goes silent and a creepy voice asks you if you want to enter.  You can answer something by the mic or use the mouse to knock on the door or something.

- Moving toy (Robbie the Rabbit from SH4 style).  Actually Kelly and I were discussing this recently about having a giant statue/face in a garden scene/temple and it gets more sinister every time you enter it.

- Moving shadows

- Abstract entity that chases you and blocks the door although I'm not sure how it'll work as it's not really a physical entity.  Maybe if we use the SH4 idea of using the spirit candles to repel evilness, I'm wondering if we can still incorporate that statistic system into the engine counting the amount of times you go visit the altar.

- Drowning/Time based events

- Resi4 Ashley: okay can't quite remember why this is written in my book but I think this is a reference in which you play as a 'weak' character which just reminds me of the bit where you have to run down the corridor and it's lined up with suits of armour holding their axes in the air...  Might tie it into that idea I had of when you play as Kemi (if we get that fair) and sends Yu hints/clues to his phone. Yu won't remember the dream and will be just WTF when he finds all these things on his phone lol.

- Mouse = flashlight
- Decipher code into Kemi's computer / hack into it?
- Fix a fuse box
- Work out the the code to get in/out of somewhere.  9 numbered code but only 3 buttons seemed to be used recently and the rest are covered in dust or something.  Think TF2 Spy trailer.
- Blow into the mic to remove dust/light up some incense sticks or use the mouse to do it.
- Figure out a secret passage
- Place items in a certain order
- Dream sequence - connected by phone (explained above)
- Timer puzzle - long corridor/split screen/light effect.  Doesn't really make a lot of sense now but I'll explain it in depth if I can incorporate this into the script some how lol.
- Piano: hear something playing on it until you shine a torch on it.  Maybe you'll need to finish playing the notes of a certain sequence / finish it.
- When you make offers at the altar in exchange for information?
- If there's a puzzle on a locked door and you'll need to try and unlock it with a hairpin, have visual/audio queues.  Not sure how to do this as it sounds really complicated but it's there anyway.
- Maze puzzle in which you have to listen out when a guard approaches you so you'll need to head in the opposite way.  At the last stance, you'll hear noises coming from both the L/R only to find that it's a cat or something. Might be used for the scene in which you have to try and break into the murder scene.

That's all my notes at the moment folks.  Once the ball's rolling for Day1 and Day2 I'll start writing out the script for the next few days as I have a good idea for day3-5 but anything after, not quite yet XD.  I'll rate the notes above and see which one would fit the story/script after day5 then we'll go from there.


  1. ohhh i like the piano one hahaha :D
    all of them are good, i can see the fuse box working quite well.. have you played bioshock? maybe you got the idea from there but if not check it out for inspireation ^^

    and the mouse as the flashlight is good.. <3<3<3 great ideas there! just hope one of you guys is good at sorting out puzzles cause im not XD but will try!

  2. Nope haven't played bioshock but I do know that it's quite creepy to a certain extent! I have seen the trailer for Bioshock infinite though lol.

    No problem, glad you approve! I shall start refining them into the script once day1/day2 is on the move :)


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