Friday, 19 August 2011

Hey, hey, it's a bit quiet here ...

And before I leave for Bath tomorrow, what's the status update with everyone?  I'm in the process of writing the asset list for day2, and aiming to get my previous aims down pretty soon so I'll be having a busy weekend.  Finishing Blog1's animation/programming with sound plus drawing a visual map of the sound energy of the script.

What do you think you guys want to get from this project? Drawing/design skills +1? How did you find the first official Team Wasabi meeting last Sunday?  People who has just joined, introduced yourself! (I'm kinda look more at Tim and Chris here :P).  People who haven't commented in ages or at all...YOU ALIVE? XD Shall I credit you as the Potted Plants of the HW project :3?

I shall get the ball rolling....
I'm Jade (obviously) and I'm using this project as a step up in writing music for games and interactive media.  I've found that I actually enjoy the game development side of it and seeing the whole thing coming together.  It feels pretty good in all honesty to be leading a project like this with dedicated people and I don't really see this as work at all.  I think it'll be great to see a fully completed game one day and I love to think of the possibilities that this might be a good step into getting into the games industry. WHO KNOWZ.

(ps, I'd recommend that you guys comment- just to check whether you're alive...what's everyone up to? .__.)


  1. Given I just made a post I'll assume you know I'm still alive, but I'll post anyway. As for my status I'm drawen what I've already posted, tommorow (saturday) I plan to draw at least one of the remaining backgrounds and get some more character sketchs done, I aim to have a good idea (or better yet have the lineart) for those finished by the time or during mr.scruff weekend (In my head it has officialy become known as the mr.scruff weekend).

  2. Hooraids! Yeh I can see that you're alive lol. So do you have plans to use this project for the future?

  3. The bgs and the character designs I've done will probably go on my website (which hasn't been updated in agggeesss)/portfolio. I'm using this as a chance to brush of on various skills like drawing backgrounds. I've found the I prefer designing characters that relate to some kind of story rather then doing say fan art or just drawing a character for the sake of it, feels more creatively satisfying and means I can explore more. It's difficult to get motivated sometimes to do things so using a project as an outlet for that is a good. Also it's helped me brush up on my coding skills and prevented me from becoming too lazy.

    but i dont know where the others are >w< from this project uhhmm... i guess i want experience in character and pose designing, nothing too hard as im covering a lot of tricky things with other projects XD
    it would be awesome to get a step into the games industry too though :O i guess thats the ultimate goal?

  5. Mike: Win, glad to see what you feel like you're getting something out of this project as oppose to me ordering everyone around XD Please feel free to do more character designs for the other characters as well. I really don't want to limit anyone here cos I know I'll be like that - I want to dab my hands everywhere in this project XD.

    Miche: YAAAAAY Awesome, glad to see that you're happy with being the main character design/concept person...? It'll be awesome to Looking good MIke, Miche! Now I wonder if the others will respond...XD

    ah what?!?!?!? REALLY????? JAAAADDDEEEE *dies* are you sure??? :O:O:O:O:O:O::O:O::O:O:O::O:O::O:O:O::O:O:O::O:O

  7. Wow I've no idea what I was on about in my last comment possibly due to lack of coffee and that I must've copied and pasted an old comment XD

    I don't know what I'm sure of now ._______.


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